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Less stress

Reduced anxiety

Improved mood

A quieter more rested mind

Better sleep

Healthier habits (e.g. eating)

Better focus and cognitive functioning

Less worry

A way of coping with pain / discomfort

Being less Restless

More contentment

Greater patience

Improved general well-being

Less reactivity

Greater compassion




Mindfulness works. To see if it can work for you - keep reading or click here.



What is 'Mindfulness'?


HarrisPlusHealth Defines it as:


A compassion-based mental training that allows you to become more aware of what is happening as it happens - which in turns gives you greater power and possibility to live your life happily with well being - in the only place and time we have any power:



HarrisPlusHealth Mindfulness courses are run by experienced Mindfulness Trainers and Practitioners with their own daily mindfulness practice and who fully comply with Natonional Professional Guidelines. We teach mindfulness using mindful movement, meditation and home exercises.


Mindfulness works. 


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